Section 54(1) of the Public Procurement Act (PPA), 2007 empowers bidders to seek administrative review for any ommission or breach by a procuring entity under the provisions of the Act. Section 54(2) of the PPA, 2007 stipulates that such complaints should first be submitted in writing to the accounting officer of the procuring entity, while section 54 (3) further stipulates that the bidder may make a complaint to the Bureau within ten working days from the date of communication of the decision of the accounting officer.

For the purpose of transparency, the Bureau hereby publishes petitions received and their status.

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2018 Q1 Petitions Summary

2018 Q1 Petitions

2017 Petitions Summary

2017 Petitions

2016 Petitions Summary

2016 Petitions

Summary Of Petitions Received From January To June 2015

3RD QTR 2014 Petitions