Welcome to Bureau of Public Procurement

The Public Procurement Act 2007 established the Bureau of Public Procurement as the regulatory authority responsible for the monitoring and oversight of public procurement, harmonizing the existing government policies and practices by regulating, setting standards and developing the legal framework and professional capacity for public procurement in Nigeria.

"Building and sustaining an efficient country procurement system that meets international best practices"
"To professionalise the process of procurement that ensures Transparency Efficiency, Competition, Integrity and Value for Money to support National Growth and Development"

The objectives of establishing the Bureau of Public Procurement are ;

  1. The harmonization of  existing government policies and practices on public procurement and ensure probity, accountability and transparency in the procurement process;
  2. The establishment of  pricing standards and benchmarks;
  3. Ensuring the application of fair, competitive, transparent, value-for-money standards and practices for the procurement and disposal of public assets; and
  4. The attainment of  transparency, competitiveness, cost effectiveness and professionalism in the public sector procurement system.
Core Objectives
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Competition - Providing level playing ground for all strata of bidders
  • Value for money
  • Transparency

The DG Clocks 64

Unrealised by his colleagues at the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) by close of work last, 13 October, the Bureau’s Director-General, Mamman Ahmadu, turned 64 on that day.

However, if the very humble man thought he had outsmarted them by withholding the information, someone did, even if belatedly, remember – and leaked it.

Early in the morning of Monday, 16 October, the regular management meeting was “disrupted’ by well-wishers with an endless chorus of birthday wishes and a toast. Babatunde Kuye, Director of the Department of Energy Infrastructure Department, presented him with a giant card. Then followed rounds of photographs and refreshments.

Mr. Ahmadu heartily thanked his colleagues for their felicitations.