The Bureau is in receipt of a letter Ref.No.MJ/DSD/BPP/21 dated 21st November, 2018 from the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice in respect of the mandatory minimum number of employees on contributory pension scheme for private company compliance. 

It was clarified in the letter that:

1.  Private sector employers that have less than 15 employees are not under compulsion to enroll in the comntributory pension scheme as provided under the Pension Reform Act, 2014

2.  Pusuant to Section 2(3) PRA, 2014 private sector employers that have 3 or less employees may opt to enroll in the pension scheme subject to the guidelines provided by PenCom.


Click the link below to view/download the clarification letter from the Federal Ministry of Justice

Federal Ministry of Justice PenCom Interpretation